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The Wahttehhog Organization

Friday, January 13, 2006

br3@king t3h bank

Yes as you all know (or should know) Anime Boston 2006 is coming and I'm pre ordering psst RYAN IF YOURE GOING PRE ORDER (if you already haven't) save ten$. I inaugurated this day I save up dinero and break the ban well actually this year I only had to cups so I tapedm together and put money in savink a wopping 40 bucks for registration. It comes after my birthday so this is a 1337 gift I can't wait till May, so many good things! Ohh and I couldn't get the cups un taped so I shot them with an airsoft gun.I may seem like a long time away but time flies. Im going to ask Jonny if we can meet him there and also Bill Goyce (sorry if misspelled) no doubt both have groups there in. But saddly its only January. I'm pretty sure I've comitted as VGcats would call it Syntex genocide.and Ryan I already know my bro isn't the best snowboarder in the world but he tries.


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