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Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas Loot

1337 Present #1:

Yah so this Christmas treated me well enough. For The Wahttehhog, I received a LaCie 250GB d2 Triple-Interface fanless Firewire 800, 400, & USB 2.0 external drive. This thing is quite the beast. I tested the drive by transfering a 1.5 GB folder from my Dad's laptop internal to the LaCie and it took approximately 48 seconds on end. For the sake of interest, I also copied the same folder to the desktop (all on the internal drive) and the copy took about a minute to finish. (Think: The LaCie just pwned my Dad's computer.)

1337 Present #2:

My family also bought a Handycam DCR-HC32 Camcorder (I'll be using it mostly), which proves to be unbelievably capable and powerful. It includes a touchscreen display with 1080i(p) HD recording and supports 16:9 as well as 4:3 video dimension ratios. It's quite small too, and is totable everywhere. But the real awesomeness of the camera is it's IO interface and connections. It doesn't just support AV and DV in, but also has AV out as well as DV streaming directly into a computer through Firewire or USB. (Think: No more of us recording Xbox games (like Halo) to a VCR and then to DV and then to digital video and then to the editing station. Instead, think: Xbox streaming into Final Cut Pro.)

Yah and there was some other cool stuff that my family received for Christmas like a really, really nice digital camera. Man you can't touch this camera. It lays down the hurt on any other cameras in competition. I got some stuff like DVDs and books and computer tool sets, so the stash was bountiful.


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