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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

a book in the works

its funny and will hopefully be done by the end of this summer it is titled"JONS UNFINISHED LITTLE BOOK OF INCOHERENT DIALOGUE" "STEPPING PAST THE AWKWARD ZONE" some of the things i write might be used in a skit show made by alex and hanlon their creative enough to understand some of my madness ^_^but it is just 2 or 3 character dialogue skits spread out over what will be random thoughts most new such as the manic depressive cynic and the pantsless awkward guy some old like rob and jon who talk about the relevance of god and vegtables...so you know im only writing one and if people tell me its funny i might photo copy a few ^_^im a very bored and dull person so for me to pick up a small project as such is a big deal to moi.peace
it has no plot at all but its my kind of humor without the stuttering and bad timing...


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