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The Wahttehhog Organization

Friday, June 03, 2005

Awesome Appz

These are just some neat applications we use often:

Firefox: Trust the All-Knowing, I haven't received any crap from Firefox forever since I got it... Connection was quite fast (if not faster than IE) and since it's brand new, virus-infection is almost impossible.
Key features:
* Fast, extremely fast and secure.
* Virtually no viruses yet detected...
* Downloads are compiled into one, user-friendly interface.
* Downloads are not separate from each other, they all share the same window and download port.
* (Not important, but cool) Pages that you bookmark inlcude small icons representing the site.
* Within one window in Firefox, you can open multiple tabs, therefore decreasing desktop
clutter as well as CPU strain.
* Firefox was built by Mozilla. Microsoft sucks.
And those are some basic features that Firefox can pwn IE with. If you are interested in getting Firefox, you can download it here.

Skype: For all you PC gamers out there (like myself), this uber app is worth checking out. Basicly what it is is a telephone. Only over the internet and it's free. If you hate not being able to hear clearly what your friend has to say, then this'll change the way you communicate. Skype allows for totally pure sound, no "static" or distortion. It works for Mac, PC, and Linux (and I have used it to talk with people in Israel without losing any connection and/or sound. Did I mention it's also free? Anyways, the CPU consumption is extremely limited, which (for all you PC gamerz) means that while you slaughter each other in Halo or Half-Life Shizzle or Battlefield... you can communicate as of actual speech, and not by having to type. Regular telephone people, I'm ashamed of you: Get Skype.

WinRAR: Extremely well created and fashioned "download un-zipper". When you download a .rar or .zip file and you don't have something like this on your computer, you will undoubtedly receive a "file-format incorrect" message or it will show as a Windows Media Player file (but it's not). This occurred to me when I was trying to get HaloCE for absolutely free, so I got WinRAR. With it, I've been able to un-zip every file I've downloaded. And the user-interface of WinRAR is that of an efficient app.
(Even though it says you need to purchase the software after 40 days, don't mind that, the free version doesn't destroy itself. You just get a notice that you don't have the registered version.)

Later, I will post much more appz that we [the clan] find useful, but for now I got to go to school, so
I'll be back.
Ryan sez:
If you're going to download Firefox, get Greasemonkey as well. It's the shizznat.

May I also add that FlickR is the best way to get images online.

I currently play Endless Online, which is the best free MMORPG. I play as rwjddr. Look me up

WinMx: The best P2P app out there. This is better than Kazaa, Limewire, Bearshare, and any other crap anyone could come up with. The only thing that can beat it is Bittorrent. It's mainly geared towards MP3 files but it can be used to download a wide variety of file types. The stablest P2P source. It doesn't install spyware or adware like Kazaa. In short, it's the best way to illegally share music, which I neither practice or condone. No, I don't illegally download music, no, not me, why would you ever think that? Also, get FreeRIP while your at it. The best way to convert files from MP3, MP4, .ogg, and .wav. Not that I do any of that, no sir.

SkiStunt: Awesome tech demo program, fun to make the skier crash in odd positions (try to impale him on the trees, FATALITY)


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