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The Wahttehhog Organization

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Let's make clear some things here...

1. Especially Ryan, STOP editing people's posts unless they are offensive or wrong. You can tell them to be more grammatically correct, but that is THEIR post, not yours, so by editing something that still can be read makes it your post then.

2. Episode 1 is fully compressed at right about 35 MB size and will be released to any clan member who wants to view it over Skype before it hits the net. We'll talk.

3. Everybody is now a member except for Austin. DO NOT FLAME HIM IN THE COMMENTS. He has agreed to become a member once I send him the invitational e-mail (which I did). Peter, Ryan, Jon, and I are all full members now, meaning that we have both Blog accounts as well as Skype connections. The Democratic n00b still needs to get a microphone. Andy, you need to get Skype (as well as a mic if you don't have one). Austin is scared of the internet (he has not become mature enough to realize the full "power" of the net yet).

4. Battlefield 1942 is the shit. So isn't Vice City. And they are both now running upon my beautiful Gateway craphouse. They are, of course, legit.


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