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Monday, June 06, 2005

OmG!!11 HUgE BrEACKtHRouGH!!!11!!!1!!

After much of my 1337 (yes, spelled with a 7 indeed) configuring, I've managed to compress Episode 1 to about 18 MB!!!11@1$&*^#
Noticeable changes:
Sound is a bit less audible. But words are still made out clearly.
Just a hair smaller (320x240).

I'm going to work on the compression some more and will update again in same post.
Good range for Halo vids: 20-30 MB. I'll try to get around a 30 MB movie at 5 min EXACT long. (And that was the original running length too.) Will also make same size as original exported size.

Poll: Should I change file format from .mov (Quicktime video) to .mpg (Mpeg video)? Mpeg is better for size compression while standard Quicktime is better for quality. Both play in Quicktime app and no extra codec is needed for Mpeg.


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