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Monday, July 25, 2005

Retard Ryan... *sigh*

Google Video sucks a55, little twips thinking their all 1337 and 5hit... n00bZ.

Anyways, oh, and by the way, that's because you can't actually download movies you've uploaded to them, you have to watch the vid in "a special complimentary program" from Gagle themselves. Little twirptards. And the picture quality sucks the larger sizes plus it took me 6 damn days to upload a 1:13 min movie to them!!11!1w12

Now that that is out of my internal organs, Retard Ryan (the video, I am speaking of) is hilarious, as in funny as hell!!! I'll try to upload it to another hosting server somewhere else so you guys can go download it, but for now suck it up like a man and use Gagle's "complimentary program" to watch.

Retard Ryan (1:13 min)

-- Tip from Pete: Watch the movie fast-forwarded.


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