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The Wahttehhog Organization

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Rockets on Prisoner

Yet again mentioned, HBO announced the "Third Annual Rockets on Prisoner Awards" in today's News Updates.

Read their note on this here.

And for the love of Macintosh:

Update 1: Nominations just went public. Be sure to go to the Rockets on Prisoner site every day to nominate us. There are two nominations for our movie, so vote for the one authored by "Wahttehhog", as opposed to the one authored by "Wahttehhog Clan."

Update 2: I don't know if categories matter, as in if we all have to vote in the same category, but I voted in the "Best Screenplay" category, although I also pondered about whether the "Best Cinematography" would have fit the bill. Be sure you vote every day. I'm going to vote on each and every computer in my house, and at any other computer I touch for the next week.


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