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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Web Server Update

Just to keep you guys up to date with what I've been doing to the server as well as progress made in general.

1. The web server is official running a text-based Linux OS known as FedoraCore, which is a RedHat Enterprise extension.

2. The site net has 9 actual static pages, a bulletin board software (forums) called phpBB (another extension of the php code), and this blog (linked from the site).

3. A big issue that has surfaced is protection. Not from the server, but from the other computers in my house (especially my Dad's, since his business is highly reliant on his computer's funcionality). What I'm going to do is install a second router within my family's ISP service so as to create, technically, a network within a network to say.

In this way, outside hackers couldn't possibly access the computers within the second network. By the way, I drew that.

4. I'm working on upgrading the server hardware-wise. I plan to install another 1GB of RAM (memory) as well as larger hard drives. Maybe a faster processor as well in the future although with web servers, processor speed is not that important.

Yep, if you have any Q's, ask them.


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