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Thursday, June 21, 2007


get into gear im bored

lets try for a lan this sunday or early next week


  • Come on Jon... did you really have to make a post telling us that your bored?

    By Blogger Reyals Bemus, at 8:08 PM  

  • Wow, I feel stupider.

    By Blogger Marquis de Suave, at 11:49 PM  

  • ok
    what the f$#@ is wrong with you people
    1 im not f#@#$!% stupid
    2 I Felt like posting this on the blog .do i need a reason to for that matter. Do i need to hear about some tech thing that happens at your school .Or how you almost got killed by a cookie that you thought was made with glue. Sometimes pointless things make it onto the blog. To bad
    3 Ryan stop being a prick there is nothing in that post that could ever make you any more retarded then you already are.
    Like neither of you post things for the hell of it.

    By Blogger [wthg}jondrunken master, at 12:11 AM  

  • Relax Jon. No one's trying to offend you. All we're saying is that the post you just made would have been much more appropriate in comment form.

    Also, whenever I post (can't speak for Ryan), I try to always include something I accomplished (usually involving some sort of video production) that I'd like to share with you all.

    No offense, but you essentially posted, "I'm bored. Let's do something."

    Just take it easy Jon. School's over. I talked to Austin & Clay. We're going to have a LAN soon.

    By Blogger Reyals Bemus, at 7:51 AM  

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