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Friday, June 22, 2007

Summer '07 LAN Update

I'm going to ask about Sunday, however, I know that Ryan can't make it. I also have a game on Monday which is another possibility. Tuesday is another consideration, but I'm going to wait until later today and check the blog. If I have feedback, I'll consider it, but if I don't hear anything, I'm going to make a decision then.

The decision seems to be for filming, but you know how that turns out. Stressful...

Note: I've got Wednesday and Thursday free. Let me know by tomorrow afternoon, and I'll let you know then.


  • Yeah. Filming with the Wahttehhog gives me cancer.

    I'm free every day except tomorrow (Saturday).

    By Blogger Reyals Bemus, at 11:40 AM  

  • I'm going to be away until Sunday afternoon, but I trust you guys to film right.

    By Blogger Marquis de Suave, at 11:52 AM  

  • I'm also occupied on Monday from 2:30-5:30

    By Blogger Marquis de Suave, at 12:03 PM  

  • ill be back sunday at 12
    will that be right?

    By Blogger [wthg}jondrunken master, at 8:47 PM  

  • As long as it's this week I should be free.

    By Blogger _WTH__ma77yg, at 8:24 PM  

  • Sorry guys, but Sunday is off. My dad needs help with his work and that will occupy a good chunk of the day. This was a sudden thing. Monday is no good anyway for me, which leaves Tuesday as a preliminary day. I'll get on it right away in order to avoid things like this. I put this in the post as well

    By Blogger -|WTH|-AA7, at 10:31 PM  

  • Yeah, that's fine. We can wait until your ready.

    Plus, I need to tune in my new bike!

    By Blogger Reyals Bemus, at 10:41 AM  

  • I've got days on Wednesday and Thursday. I'm going to check in tomorrow and make a definitive decision then. This is going in the post, and, yes, I checked with my mom this time.

    By Blogger -|WTH|-AA7, at 5:10 PM  

  • Matt, you said that you needed to come early on a weekday, but my mom could just come pick you up.

    By Blogger -|WTH|-AA7, at 10:14 PM  

  • Yeah okay because my Mom leaves for work at 8am, and my Dad even earlier, so I guess I would just wait around here until you came to get me.

    I'll have to see with my parental figures if that'd be alright.

    By Blogger Reyals Bemus, at 8:01 AM  

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