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Thursday, July 05, 2007

My Blue Truck

This is my blue truck. I love it because it has been in the family since the beginning of my life. Now it's mine to work on, restore, maintain, and eventually drive.

This truck is a 1964 Ford F100 pickup, 2-wheel drive, 292-V8 Y-block, and a 6' bed.

My brother Mike bought this truck nearly a decade and a half ago from some guy in Texas. He then proceeded to work on it for a few years and then drove it all the way up here to MA with a couple shotguns and rifles illegally strapped down in the back. From there the truck went to rest at my Dad's company for 13 years, and only in the last year have I gotten my hands on it. Many months ago we had it towed from my Dad's company to our house, where I finally began to work on bringing it back to life.

Over the last several months, after much work and many parts replaced, I started the engine.

Here's a video of it running after my initial-experience excitement. Note how rough it runs. This thing is gallons-per-mile, not miles-per-gallon.

Clicking this link will download a MPEG4 (5.4MB) video:

And here is my public pictures album:

Thanks for checking out my big automotive project.


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