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Monday, March 20, 2006

Halo Graphic Novel.

The Halo Graphic Novel is going to be a comic of sorts of some Halo stories. Frankie's Weekly Update is where you can read up on it in detail. It's made up of, I think, three stories.

The first story is of a team of Elites on an agricultural ship infested by what appears to be the Flood. The next story mentioned is a test of Mjolnir Mark VI armor by some ODST's. Finally, the next story is the log of Sergeant Johnson's escape from the Flood in the first Halo. I'm looking forward to reading this, and hopefully purchasing it. This brought me to thinking that we should start a Halo fanfiction.

By the way, happy 151 posts.


  • uhh fanficiton (in disgust) be careful to set rules when you make a fanfiction section it can be a nightmare otherwise.

    By Blogger [wthg}jondrunken master, at 6:50 PM  

  • oh and the marines who test the mjolinr suit die cause it moves to fast for human muscels to keep up.

    By Blogger [wthg}jondrunken master, at 6:52 PM  

  • No, we make the fanfiction.

    By Blogger -|WTH|-AA7, at 6:53 PM  

  • I know. The Spartan trains against the marines.

    By Blogger -|WTH|-AA7, at 6:54 PM  

  • Remember when Austin use to never post, and rarely commented?

    By Blogger Wahttehhog Pete, at 7:25 PM  

  • AUSTIN....... Did you ever have or still have the first Splinter Cell that was for xbox and wasn't online or anything... if you did wasn't the FBI level the best level ever when ud stuff retards into the copy machine room....good times.. that was the best campaign for splinter cell, i think

    By Blogger ocon, at 8:03 PM  

  • I was thinking of getting Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter as my first game, but do you guys suggest I get Call of Duty 2.

    By Blogger -|WTH|-AA7, at 8:34 PM  

  • I suggest you get Oblivion, so I can coerce you into letting me borrow it. And by borrow I mean borrow for months at a time.

    By Blogger Marquis de Suave, at 9:07 PM  

  • Yeah sure, but when I buy a video game system, I like to play it. You know, it's just a thing I have.

    By Blogger -|WTH|-AA7, at 9:23 PM  

  • who is ocon

    By Blogger _WTH_ the fat kid (Andy), at 5:41 PM  

  • Little nublet I know. Thinks he's all 1337 and stuff.

    By Blogger Marquis de Suave, at 7:02 PM  

  • i am 1337 bitches now finish the damn movie i wanna watch it...

    who is the fat kid andy?

    By Blogger ocon, at 9:02 PM  

  • Andy's teh 1337est fat kid, of course.


    Austin, would you be getting CoD2 for the original shithouse or the shithouse 360?


    The Master Chief (John, Spartan 117) was hand-picked by secret military operatives scanning the Earth for the kid of the greatest positive characteristics like strength, speed, and endurance. He was actually found playing King of the Hill (the real game) with some kindergarten classmates. He was pwning them though, bashing each kid face by face off the hill. So he got snatched and taken into the Spartan training place and stuff, and there he grew and evolved into who we now know him as, the Chiefinator. The Spartans can handle the Mjolinr armor suites because of their training to handle extreme reflexes and stuff like that.

    Austin, I assume you know all this, seeing that you read The Fall of Reach, correct?

    By Blogger Reyals Bemus, at 9:23 PM  

  • Those books are very, very good.


    The story is empowering, and the action is extreme. Very detailed and interesting. A fun read.

    By Blogger Reyals Bemus, at 9:25 PM  

  • If you want the film done so much, voice act in it. Oh wait...you have a voice like a pre-pubescent choir boy. No Girls Allowed

    By Blogger Marquis de Suave, at 9:31 PM  

  • We actually could use his voice, Ryan. And the Xbox owned, Matt.

    Well, Anyways....

    My sources have just informed me that the Revoulution may be released in June, and that there may be a name change.

    By Blogger Wahttehhog Pete, at 2:57 PM  

  • ghost recon will blow your mind out not to say cll of duty wouldnt tom clancys ghost recon advanced warfighter is better

    By Blogger [wthg}jondrunken master, at 6:36 PM  

  • oblivions gonna own all.Ryan you can only borrow it after i have been legaly dubbed the name hermit.(it takes 4 years alone to be dubbed a hermit I have a feeling thats what its gonna be like as soon as i get oblivion.)

    By Blogger [wthg}jondrunken master, at 6:40 PM  

  • actualy matt the only reason the can handle the suit is th implants done to there bodys.

    By Blogger [wthg}jondrunken master, at 6:41 PM  

  • Not just implants, but the Spartans were biogenetically engineered with superhuman strength, speed, and reflexes.

    By Blogger -|WTH|-AA7, at 8:24 PM  

  • They also had organ enhancement and nourishment, and bone reinforcement.

    By Blogger Marquis de Suave, at 8:53 PM  

  • Hey Matt, how's the episode looking so far in terms of what you have edited?

    By Blogger -|WTH|-AA7, at 9:12 PM  

  • I don't want to voice act in it, it's your god damn movie asshole. What are you going through PMS or something??

    By Blogger ocon, at 8:21 AM  

  • You sound like the one who's on their period. Might I recommend Tampax?

    By Blogger Marquis de Suave, at 3:58 PM  

  • Yeah, sorry, but we're allergic to bullshit.

    By Blogger Reyals Bemus, at 4:17 PM  

  • Yeah Ocon, you're setting off the DEFCON on retard.

    By Blogger Marquis de Suave, at 4:19 PM  

  • Firefox 2 Alpha 1 has been released. Also, Sony claims that PS3 owners will be able to purchase entire games using the PlayStation Network Platform. Good news, but that sounds like one long download...

    By Blogger Wahttehhog Pete, at 5:55 PM  

  • Do we need to be at BATV to voice act?

    By Blogger -|WTH|-AA7, at 6:08 PM  

  • Not if we can get the pro stuff from Andy.

    By Blogger Reyals Bemus, at 6:11 PM  

  • I'll probably be getting the Halo 2 Soundtrack Vol. 2 soon. Maybe we could encorporate the music. I think it is in-game music, meaning it would be good action music in videos.

    By Blogger -|WTH|-AA7, at 5:34 PM  

  • Dell bought Alienware. Microsoft delays Windows Vista till January 2007, and new PS3 controller to debut at E3.

    By Blogger Wahttehhog Pete, at 6:06 PM  

  • What are your opinions, guys, on the Revolution? I, personally, love it. I think that the DS and Revolution will save Nintendo.

    By Blogger -|WTH|-AA7, at 6:56 PM  

  • I hope the Revloution turns out to be awesome. I want Microsoft and Nintendo to avenge Sony.

    By Blogger Wahttehhog Pete, at 8:43 PM  

  • They're certainly brave new ideas. The problem is that the public might not be able to accept them yet. Fortunately, Nintendo is good at making things accessible, and friendly, giving them a candy-coating.
    The other problem is that developers have trouble with concepts like body control and touch sensitivity. They have a set playbook on games, and these new things don't fit in it. And when things don't fit, we get sh1t like "Sprung" and "Ping Pals."
    And It's about time the PS3 got a new controller, as there's a reason nobody was allowed to playtest it at last years E3.

    By Blogger Marquis de Suave, at 11:23 PM  

  • So Ryan, you reccommend Tampax, does that mean you have experience with tamponsor what?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:14 PM  

  • Identify yourself, assailant, so I may slay thee with mine acid tongue and forked wit.

    By Blogger Marquis de Suave, at 7:59 PM  

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