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Sunday, September 17, 2006


I hadn't played it in 7 years I loved that game. Of course I started with Sonic and Mario, but then again didn't everyone. But the game that actualy (no matter how bad of one) made me a gamer was Zelda. I treasured that game and tried as long as I could to savor it I killed every skultula I learned every song and I beat the water temple(something some grown men I know couldn't do).When I beat that game I became depressed IT WAS THAT GOOD A GAME. It made me love videogames for every cooky character and stupid yet briliant plot twist(Maybe some of you will get the Billy and Mandy reference).I swore to myself that I'd wait 8 years to play the game that changed my view on games so it wouldnt get old. I lied i could only hold off for seven today I played it and Ill be damned if it isn't still the best game ever. I am going to get twighlight princes just like how I got majoras mask and windwaker. The Zelda sieries is the closest game to my heart. I know you all dont agree some will say halo some M.G.S but to me Zelda Ocarina of Time rules over all games.

A very serious post from (how rare) JON


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