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The Wahttehhog Organization

Thursday, August 30, 2007


is well...
the best xbox 360 game i have played yet...
it mixes fear, action ,rpg elements , hidden objects and storyline together so well i felt it went over all of my expectations.
well it plays well jon how does it look
lets see it looks like a city under the sea.
but jon thats how its supposed to look.
well yes my friend but citys under the sea dont exist.this makes it seem possible to a point. with realistic glass cracking showing high pressure water spewing into this half dead city. fights with big daddys are EXTREME.(i playyed it through on hard... like gears its hard mode earns its title.)the fight with all of these monsters require a large amount of plasmids and eve.
i set up 5 electro bolt arrow traps and 3 mines between me and the monstrous diving suit
then i shocked him with electro bolt plasmid and pumped him full of armor peircing rounds from my fully upgraded machine gun.
what i thought was doing damage only brought him down about a quarter health and got him plentypissed. then he ripped through my traps only bringing him down about to half health.
then he raped me. Full on took his drill and and made a new love hole.

the scary moments are scripted you arent dealing with condemed enemys who were made to scare you.one of these events occurs when you go into the dental wing of the medical pevalion there was a sign that read painless dental. the door was locked but while in the mourge there was a vent i crawled through it and saw a dentists chair empty and covered in blood i walked passed it then the room filled with fog
i turned and saw a splicer very dead on that very dentists chair
then i noticed in the corner a ne physical tonic
i walked over and as the equip screen came up fog rolled over the screenagain
i turned around and was face to face with a leadhead splicer
unlyuckily for him i had my explosive shells equiped and he was blown up and went halfway accross the room on fire
this is the best game out now next to metroid and i cant give it enough praise

(im bored and just beat the game so for those who say this should just be a comment)

Sunday, August 19, 2007

More High-Shutter Testing - 070819

click any photograph to enlarge

Taking it to the street:

The good old powerlines:

My friend Alex riding:

About to hit a jump:

Awesome photography:

Me messing around:

About 20 feet off the ramp and still about 8 feet up:

Eggs For Breakfast

Monday, August 13, 2007

D70 Shutter Speed Tests - 070813

Today we took some high-speed shots to see how well the camera could capture the photograph yet still maintain reasonably good color.

We were completely blown away by the clarity and color depth achieved at high shutter-speed. Mind you, today was also an overcast day!

Please click to enlarge!

Stunting a mountain bike:

Rolling some stoppies on the dirtbike at around 20mph:

Hitting a small jump:

A power substation we were riding nearby:

Riding a wheelie on the 250 (about 30mph):

And another stoppie rolling at 25-30mph:

Notice how clear each photograph is even at fairly high speeds. Again, no color correction on my part. God, this D70 is unbelievably amazing...

Friday, August 10, 2007

D70 - 070810

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Playing with the D70

This camera's definitely got heavy-duty badass written all over it.

Some shots from this morning:

These next two shots are taken from the same mount, but at different focal points.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Working with the Nikon D70

I was recently asked to test out a Nikon D70 for a company's product photoshoot. I was handed a D70 with which I have been learning the ins and outs of for the last few hours.

Here's an incredible shot I took using this camera here in my home office. The outer lens is approximately 1 inch away from the focused object (pliers):

The shot you see above has received NO color-correction. HOLY COW.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Attic Media Center is Completed!!

Finally, after nearly 3 years of working on the attic project (which some of you know about), my Dad and I just got the carpet installed two days ago! The second that carpet was laid down, we immediately began looked towards the electronics. Yesterday, we purchased a ton of new audio equipment for the room including:

- Pioneer 7.1 Multi-Channel Amp/Receiver
- Boston Acoustics 10" Main Subwoofer
- Polk Audio Center Speaker
- (2) Sony Woofers and Midrange Beasts

I grabbed a DVD player from downstairs (new Panasonic that truly plays 'em all) and we spent about 3-4 hours setting up the room. We haven't even begun to balance the system yet!

Anyhow, here are some pictures taken last night for your viewing pleasure:

Some of the new equipment

Plugged in the Pioneer Amp (Chorus "aahhhhh!!!")

Laying out the speakers in true 7.1

Temporarily setting up the old projector. Eventually we'll get one of those new widescreen high-lumens projectors (maybe even 1080p).

Hooking up the system!

Once we finished setting up everything, we turned on the components, heard a little crackle for a second, popped a Sting audio CD into the player and turned it up.

It was unbelievable... The sound, so crystal clear and surrounding you in beauty. Sorry, but my Dad and I really are audiophiles. I can't even post up a video or audiotrack to show you guys what it sounds like because it cannot do it any justice at all...


Ahh... yes. Heaven is now in my attic. You guys are definitely going to have to hear the sound that immerses you so intensely in that 4th floor. The acoustics in the attic are perfect, lack of an echo nor muffle. No words can describe...

This last picture is of a couple older speaker cabinets that my Dad and I had in storage downstairs. These are actually some really nice, tightly-sealed enclosures. We're going to buy some raw 15" woofers to replace the old blown speakers. Probably replace the tweeters up top too.

Testing some speaker cabinets downstairs

Very good, very good...