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The Wahttehhog Organization

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

THURSDAY LAN - Sorry for the last minute notice...

We can have a LAN at my house, but let me know as soon as possible when you can make it. We're having it at 3:00 to whenever. I'll call you also... and everyone (especially Matt because his mom doesn't like things last minute), as soon as you see this, ask your mom (or your dad) if you can come.

About the server, the iMac isn't ready. We should probably just pay for the server for the time being. My mom wants to keep the eMac, so that's out of the question.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

MPs - Potentially Good Series

"Charlieleg Productions" has recently begun filming a new series called "MPs." From what I have seen in their second episode, they definitely have the potential to be as awesome as the Codex or Fire Team Charlie.

Download MPs Episode 2: (right-click & save-as)
Quicktime (preferred)

We need to be more awesome too. Check out their video style and character development. We need stuff like that in our vids.

Monday, July 17, 2006

www.wahttehhog.com - Hosting Plan

We have got to get serious about this website if we plan to get it online any time soon. First of all, I've been trying for months now to get this web server configured, but I apparently just don't have enough know how to get it all set up. This means that we will have to have a commercial web-hosting service maintain our website.

I looked into countless web-hosting companies and finally decided to go with StartLogic (www.startlogic.com), specifically their "ProLogic" plan. Their service has speedy servers, excellent maintenance, free setup, and 99.99% uptime. Also, it will only cost us a little less than $60/year. That means that each of us contributes $10/year (for simplicity) and I will make sure the website gets online ASAP. This is the way to go.

Please, please, please comment your thoughts. I need to know who can do what and where everybody stands on this matter. Thanks.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

"1337er Than You" - Ep. 2.5

I'm here to inform you all that the official Wahttehhog podcast "1337er Than You" Ep. 2.5 is now online. It should appear in iTunes within the next few hours.

NOTE: This file is not currently being hosted by the normal file hosting service that I use, due to errors that I am trying to fix. This file is being hosted by a new service that I have never tried before, but I looked into it and it should work out fin.

To download the direct file, right-click & save-as:
"1337er Than You" - Ep. 2.5

If at any time the download stops working for you or that you cannot download Ep. 2.5 in iTunes, please notify me so I can look into the issue. Woot!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Beginning of the Comeback

I started the Wahttehhog's Group on Bungie.net. It's under Wahttehhog XBL; that's my clan name on XBOX Live. It's kind of like a division of the Wahttehhog. If you have a Bungie account, join up. We need people to join; the page is on probation. We have now 59 days, as of July 9th, to get activity up.

I still haven't got a date on the next LAN. I believe Matt comes back on the sixteenth; I'll talk with him when he gets back.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Wahttehhog Summer, Part 2

I was thinking that we should have a LAN soon, just for fun. We can't do any work because Ryan left before I could get the hard drive with the files on it. I am assuming everyone is still around despite the low activity on the blog. Just comment if everyone is available, and then I'll try to see if I can get something going.

When Ryan and Matt get back, we'll schedule something. I know when Matt gets back but not Ryan. I'll be sure to call Matt as soon as possible.

I would have made a newsletter, but I don't have the software Matt uses.