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The Wahttehhog Organization

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Bad News

After filming on Monday, I thought everything was fine and dandy. How wrong I was. The VCR screwed with the tape so much it's totally unusable. I'm going to buy a new tape and schedule another filming session.

Here's an artists depiction of what it looks like:

Monday, June 27, 2005


PortConMaine was pretty awesome. I was there Saturday and Sunday. I entered the Halo, Halo 2, and DDR tournaments. Didn't win any, but it was fun anyways. Also played some D&D miniatures. I enjoyed it, but I still prefer straight D&D, as opposed to strategy orientated D&D. Met Anath of Applegeeks, asked him about the movie I sent Applegeeks. He never saw it but said he'd look for it. Watched some anime, I was especially impressed with Appleseed. It's entirely CG and looks awesome. Go watch it now, I command thee. I also looked for the Neon Genesis Evangelion Perfect Collection, but neither the dealer's room or the local vendors had one in stock. I will also say that I am now addicted to both Pocky and Ramune. Pocky is a snack food comprised of chocolate and biscuit. Ramune is a soft drink that is explosively carbonated. Both are highly addictive. Ramune is also dangerous to open, and must be done with care lest you injure yourself or others.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Whoa!! Check out these 1337 sniping skizzles!

OMG!! This is a truly amazing snipers montage vid put together by this guy... He could pwn the living crap out of any of us!

Note that he doesn't use the scope ever in the entire video.
Quicktime (35.8 MB)
WMP9 (26.4 MB)

Isn't it a bit freaky how good this guy is?

Friday, June 24, 2005

Honda CRF150 PwNs n00bz

Check out the 1337xX0r dirtbike:

Anyone who wants, I'll figure out sometime when ya'll can come over to ride...
Teh r0xX0r bike.

Wahttehhog June Newsletter

Available for download here:

WN June 05 - Issue 1

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Wahttehhog Episode #1

This is the download link that takes you directly to the movie file, instead of having you go through "oh so many pages" at HBO...

Wahttehhog Ep. 1: Insert Quarter to Purchase Health
QuickTime (35.2 MB)
WMP9 (36 MB)

(Note: When you click on a link, it streams the movie, instead of actually downloading it.)

Adobe Sucks

The newsletter is available, email Matt if you'd like a copy this month and on. I have one but can't actually read it because my Adobe Acrobat isn't working. This is compounded by the fact that Adobe puts their Acrobat help files in .pdf Acrobat read only format. This is no help WHEN THE READER DOESN'T WORK. Do the math Adobe, it doesn't work.
I say again the movie can be downloaded here Wahttehhog Episode #1

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I wish I was a PC gamer

Oh how I wish I was a PC gamer. To fr4g fools with a keyboard and mouse, the sensation is all teh sweeter. To plumb teh lushious d3p7hs of the deep RPG realm. To hack and m0d till a world is just how I like it. That would be b4k4^2. But wo is me, to have a 5 1/2 year old computer. Beezlebub himself could not devise a worse form of punishment than a full out Windows 98 system crash. The Blue Screen is a most cold and horrible hue. To play a game watered down on a console just doesn't cut it. Morrowind looked kickass on the PC back in 2 double-ought 2. On the XBOX it looked like ass-and-a-half. BATV has an Apple G5. It's so close and yet so far away. I dream of one day liberating it from it's oppressors, taking it home, gently carressing it's brushed steel frame. One day I will have my gaming rig, and that day will be good.

Ok, I just went all Leaves Of Grass there. In short, my computer is a piece of crap and I wish I had a better one. School got out in Billerica today. Most excellent.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Well that just got way out of hand...

O.K. Apologies to anyone in the universe that has been offended by anything anybody says about everything or nothing. Calm down Jon, please, no offense taken. Firefox here. Ryan and I are mediums of this blog, as in we aren't trying to get anyone angry. Jon, I am sorry if you believe I did something wrong, but I'm not criticizing you, I am protecting Wahttehhog as a name. People won't come to the real site (once it's up) if they can't read the main-pages' news updates!

Issue with typing: Just some things that could improve:
- Emoticons are absolutely fine.
- No offensive jokes (anymore anyone) unless the receiving person understands the point.
- Don't swear unless you are impelled to. (Except when the topic involves a general-clan-related hate point, like Microsoft.)
- We're supposed to be a clan, as in Andy does his thing and you do your thing. Don't edit other people's posts unless they are offensive to someone.
- And common sense stuff.

Everyone (everyone) is just as respected as everyone else in the Wahttehhog. Correction is absolutely right and should be more prominent within Wahttehhog. I am just trying to make us appeal somewhat to the online community, which is our main audience.

Sorry about that correction, Jon, if it really did offend you. (>_<) I would not have been offended myself, but what do I know?

Sunday, June 19, 2005


Guys I've got to say I felt like an @$$ when I asked my dad this ON FATHERS DAY , but I did. The quesiton can I stay in Billerica the answer yes. I'm (after tardys and all) staying in billerica. HIP HIP HOORAY. This is of course because i'd have a hard time finding new geeks to hang out with ,and rebuild whatever popularity I have in billerica. Only off part is i'll barely see my Dad but i'll still see him once in a while. I'll say it again for dramatic effect Jonathans staying in Billerica.


Hey guys i got tickets to this sick video game show called game riot. you might have seen the commerchils on tv. There will be all types of video game battles manily halo 2. get tickets at this web sitehttp://www.ticketmaster.com/artist/970553.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

This would be a cool project.

I was thinking after the filming we could do a group project like this: Half Life 2 in REAL life.


Hey Guys the next meeting for making another episode should be at Matts house(and his mom should make those chicken sandwiches) beacuse we all know wat happen the last time. Also when we do the voiceovers it should not be all ryan

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Flash Halo

Check this link out, it's a dude who's remaking Halo entirely in Flash. Looks pretty awesome.

Wahttehhog's FIRST EPISODE IS UP!!!

It's one of those you-hope-your-going-get-accepted type things but you don't really expect to.

HALO.BUNGIE.ORG ACCEPTED OUR FIRST EPISODE!!! WOOT! 1337s0r HAHAHAHA!! CRF150's RULE! Oh.. aren't we awesome, world??!!1



You, yes you, can now own your very own copy of Insert Quarter to Purchase Health. We have the original in uncompressed format n00bs, but you can't see it. Insert Quarter to Purchase Health

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

30 Days

Morgan Spurlock's reality show "30 Days" premieres tomorrow night at 10:00 EST on FX (channel 30.) I expect you all to watch it as Morgan Spurlock is a genius and I feel Super Size Me is only the beginning of his impact on our culture.

If you don't know what Super Size Me is click
  • here

    Guys read up on this. It's absolutely foolproof and works with any game ever created!! Best of all, it's 100% LEGAL!!

  • Burning games
  • Saturday, June 11, 2005

    Day of filming lost

    Filming for episode 2 didn't go as smoothly as planned. Matt brought a projector, a VCR, three VHS tapes, a gateway laptop, an Apple Powerbook, a power strip, and a networking hub. He forgot his f*#&ing VCR remote. Without the remote filming is impossible. Imagine, over 2000 dollars in equipment and the whole thing got grounded because of some crappy 10 buck, made in China remote. Funny how life hates me like that. The next filming session is definatly at Matt's, as every time we do it at my house something goes horribly awry. Last time I had to dissassemble my whole TV because Matt put the tape into a faulty VCR that eats tapes. As a result of having no remote, we played Halo for four and a half hours instead. Austin, Clay, and I were on a team against Matt, John, and Peter. Matt, you can bitch all you want about "dark screens" but at the end of it all we beat you through superior teamwork. Me and Clay paradropping perfectly onto your flag, that was cooperation.

    In other news, a Half-Life 2 expansion pack has been announced. It will tie up all the loose ends of Half-Life 2. A graphical update has also been announced. It will use all the graphical updates made availible since Half-Life 2 came out. To the 0.00000043% of the population that have computers good enough to handle the game with updates on max specs, congratulations you Richie Rich dips.

    Finally, a PPU card has been announced. This "Physics Processing Unit" will apperently make things like hair and clothing simulation, soft bodies (cloth flapping), hard body rigidty, and universal collision detection availible to the game making public. This will apparently complete the trifecta of CPU, GPU, and PPU. We'll see.

    Friday, June 10, 2005

    A Problem With Posting...

    Especially Jon (take no offense). You really need to stop posting extremely random and "no-one-cares" stuff. For example, I deleted your last post, which was just about your own personal matter about not being able to show up. NO ONE CARES. It is not acceptable to post entire paragraphs about something you couldn't do. It is OK in the comments.

    Posting is for sharing something interesting, or something people want to know about. DO NOT POST UNLESS SOMETHING IMPORTANT OR INTERESTING IS THE SUBJECT.

    (But the grammar and spelling was better.)

    Episode 2

    Filming for Episode 2 is starting tonight. It will be more epic, tell more story, and have a musical duet. In other news, everyone should check out episode 1. We're still not hosted, but if anyone knows a site we can host it on they can tell me.

    Thursday, June 09, 2005


    The movie has been resubmitted to HaloBungieorg for evaluation. Although not on any site yet, I have the movie and will mail it to anyone who asks. Please note, if your e-mail has an attachment I will delete it without opening it. Say again, no attachments in your e-mails. I can't risk giving my computer any more viruses. Drop me a line at rwj91@comcast.net.

    Wednesday, June 08, 2005

    Games that make my eyes bleed(EDITED VERSION)

    Yes I may sound like a broken record but (in terms of blastfamy)I like the Xbox, and the Xbox 360 is not looking any different .this does not meen I like microsoft only a product they sell.but back to Xbox 360 there was a game I saw that looked(taking this from matt) ASTOUNDING a game that looked real it's called Gears of War.It was like a resident evil four meets faster paced war combat, and elder scrolls 4 also the shiznit with its massive maps and cool outlook on a different world(this was for ryan).gamecube didn't show anything but it's backwards compatability and zelda :twighlight princess(ha ha you can ride wolf link).Now PS3 looked sick had a new killzone awsome graphics and just as much online as Xbox 360.PC had battlefield 2, fear,and some other awkwardly bloody games.All and all it looks like another great year for gaming.But there are others I heard of like Black,Gun,and We Love Katimari Dimashi that I heard less about.these games are most likely going to enduce extreme eye stigmata and brain tumors but hey watch an hour of any japenese show and it has the same effect.well you guys already know this so good luck with your assumptions.

    Let's make clear some things here...

    1. Especially Ryan, STOP editing people's posts unless they are offensive or wrong. You can tell them to be more grammatically correct, but that is THEIR post, not yours, so by editing something that still can be read makes it your post then.

    2. Episode 1 is fully compressed at right about 35 MB size and will be released to any clan member who wants to view it over Skype before it hits the net. We'll talk.

    3. Everybody is now a member except for Austin. DO NOT FLAME HIM IN THE COMMENTS. He has agreed to become a member once I send him the invitational e-mail (which I did). Peter, Ryan, Jon, and I are all full members now, meaning that we have both Blog accounts as well as Skype connections. The Democratic n00b still needs to get a microphone. Andy, you need to get Skype (as well as a mic if you don't have one). Austin is scared of the internet (he has not become mature enough to realize the full "power" of the net yet).

    4. Battlefield 1942 is the shit. So isn't Vice City. And they are both now running upon my beautiful Gateway craphouse. They are, of course, legit.


    Please I understand your paine having to work with idiots, but please if possible dont call me a retard publicly (especialy in front of classmates) it hurts my feelings+_+.Besides as you stated no flaming on the blog or the upcoming site.

    Tuesday, June 07, 2005


    Yesterday I beat Half-Life 2. Just because I "promised" Ryan I would not spoil the end doesn't mean I won't give you this info. It is a cliff hanger ending and it is coming to the Xbox, Which Ryan hates!But I do agree Bill Gates is a dip, and I do excpect to be dead for saying that.

    P.S To Bill Gates assassins please don't kill me^_^

    hello people

    I would like to retract the earlier statement that I am not retarded.It took me roughly 20 minutes to find out how to post ,and many times being called an f!^*&g moron by either ryan or matt.Also because I was on skype I could actualy hear the swears not just see them:(. but like my heart beat i must raise my moral to get through the day.

    Street Fighter Salsa (don't ask)

    When Street Fighter meets Salsa dancing, everybody loses:
  • Street Fighter Salsa
  • Monday, June 06, 2005

    Wahttehhog.com Update~!!

    O.K. Progress will be given upon this matter:

    All pages are linked. (Pages that CAN be linked)
    All pages include fully functional hyper-links that will work with other existing pages.
    Not all descriptions are complete yet. A large amount of typing will be required to get readings on the pages up to par.
    There are 8 officially coded pages that make up the site. (Not including forums)
    Forum software/coding I have not touched yet, but plan to quite soon as I finish some tests.
    (The way I see the site is in 2 parts: The actual site, which includes all the pages I coded (You know, resources, downloads, movies, news). And the forums which will be linked to and from the official website. Forums, to me, are still hosted on the server, but are a different part of the site (place for discussions).

    It has "Retard Ryan" hosted in the downloads section.

    Any questions will be answered that I forgot.

    OmG!!11 HUgE BrEACKtHRouGH!!!11!!!1!!

    After much of my 1337 (yes, spelled with a 7 indeed) configuring, I've managed to compress Episode 1 to about 18 MB!!!11@1$&*^#
    Noticeable changes:
    Sound is a bit less audible. But words are still made out clearly.
    Just a hair smaller (320x240).

    I'm going to work on the compression some more and will update again in same post.
    Good range for Halo vids: 20-30 MB. I'll try to get around a 30 MB movie at 5 min EXACT long. (And that was the original running length too.) Will also make same size as original exported size.

    Poll: Should I change file format from .mov (Quicktime video) to .mpg (Mpeg video)? Mpeg is better for size compression while standard Quicktime is better for quality. Both play in Quicktime app and no extra codec is needed for Mpeg.

    teh Updatex00r!!!!1!!!!1!!

    Insert Quarter almost made it onto HaloBugieOrg. We were THIS CLOSE <--->, and a little bit more. However the file size is too big. Which makes absolutely no sense since HBO has Sorenson3 Compressor. It also took them 8 business days to reply to us. I guess they don't understand we're trying to run a company here. Guess I'll just have to get my good buddy Steve Jobs to host it on his site...and give me a Powerbook.

    Now for something completely different.

    Episode 2 has been layed out and written. Now all we have to do is film it.

    John is almost up on the site as a moderator. The only impediment to this is he can't spell "Wahttehhog." When asked why he can't spell it he replied, "Dhhh, silent Es are hard, Tin foil is shiny, shiny are good!" Austin refuses to join the site as he firmly believes "Internet" is a witch that lives behind his shed and wants to eat him.

    Saturday, June 04, 2005

    Flame Against Microsoft

    There was Walk Against Hunger, there was Fight Against AIDS, there was Rock Against Bush. Now in the same spirit of youthful angst rebellion comes Flame Against Microsoft. Microsoft is the evil that oppresses the open source people. I have a dream today, that Linux and Apple can grow up in a non-OS-segregated world. I heard today that Microsoft did all it's E3 Xbox 360 demos on Apple G5s! Is that more than a little ironic? It's also worth noting that the 360 looks like a refurbished PowerPC with anorexia. However, to play Halo 3 I'll need one, which is too bad.
  • Mac Panthers Unite
  • Halo Shizzleness...

    Finally, after a while (months, specifically), I've gotten all three computers here at my house to connect to each other in the LAN lobby of the original Halo: Combat Evolved... and I did it with only 1 Halo for Mac CD. For the first time I had all 3 computers as clients in a game of Halo within the Reyals'_Server server... it was like I touched a PowerMac G5. Same feeling.

    If you want to know how I did it, you can email me ( mattbike2491@yahoo.com ) or you can just drop a comment and your e-mail.

    Friday, June 03, 2005


    I'm going to be at PortConMaine June 24-26. If you see me there and would like to pledge your undying loyalty to me in tchotchkes or Glompage that would be just fine. Just no felony level assault type Glomps, OK?

    Awesome Appz

    These are just some neat applications we use often:

    Firefox: Trust the All-Knowing, I haven't received any crap from Firefox forever since I got it... Connection was quite fast (if not faster than IE) and since it's brand new, virus-infection is almost impossible.
    Key features:
    * Fast, extremely fast and secure.
    * Virtually no viruses yet detected...
    * Downloads are compiled into one, user-friendly interface.
    * Downloads are not separate from each other, they all share the same window and download port.
    * (Not important, but cool) Pages that you bookmark inlcude small icons representing the site.
    * Within one window in Firefox, you can open multiple tabs, therefore decreasing desktop
    clutter as well as CPU strain.
    * Firefox was built by Mozilla. Microsoft sucks.
    And those are some basic features that Firefox can pwn IE with. If you are interested in getting Firefox, you can download it here.

    Skype: For all you PC gamers out there (like myself), this uber app is worth checking out. Basicly what it is is a telephone. Only over the internet and it's free. If you hate not being able to hear clearly what your friend has to say, then this'll change the way you communicate. Skype allows for totally pure sound, no "static" or distortion. It works for Mac, PC, and Linux (and I have used it to talk with people in Israel without losing any connection and/or sound. Did I mention it's also free? Anyways, the CPU consumption is extremely limited, which (for all you PC gamerz) means that while you slaughter each other in Halo or Half-Life Shizzle or Battlefield... you can communicate as of actual speech, and not by having to type. Regular telephone people, I'm ashamed of you: Get Skype.

    WinRAR: Extremely well created and fashioned "download un-zipper". When you download a .rar or .zip file and you don't have something like this on your computer, you will undoubtedly receive a "file-format incorrect" message or it will show as a Windows Media Player file (but it's not). This occurred to me when I was trying to get HaloCE for absolutely free, so I got WinRAR. With it, I've been able to un-zip every file I've downloaded. And the user-interface of WinRAR is that of an efficient app.
    (Even though it says you need to purchase the software after 40 days, don't mind that, the free version doesn't destroy itself. You just get a notice that you don't have the registered version.)

    Later, I will post much more appz that we [the clan] find useful, but for now I got to go to school, so
    I'll be back.
    Ryan sez:
    If you're going to download Firefox, get Greasemonkey as well. It's the shizznat.

    May I also add that FlickR is the best way to get images online.

    I currently play Endless Online, which is the best free MMORPG. I play as rwjddr. Look me up

    WinMx: The best P2P app out there. This is better than Kazaa, Limewire, Bearshare, and any other crap anyone could come up with. The only thing that can beat it is Bittorrent. It's mainly geared towards MP3 files but it can be used to download a wide variety of file types. The stablest P2P source. It doesn't install spyware or adware like Kazaa. In short, it's the best way to illegally share music, which I neither practice or condone. No, I don't illegally download music, no, not me, why would you ever think that? Also, get FreeRIP while your at it. The best way to convert files from MP3, MP4, .ogg, and .wav. Not that I do any of that, no sir.

    SkiStunt: Awesome tech demo program, fun to make the skier crash in odd positions (try to impale him on the trees, FATALITY)

    Wednesday, June 01, 2005

    Republicans FiGhT BaCk

    Noobmen like poor Johnson here just don't understand the technical abilities that people like I possess. Poor noobman Ryan knows that I can r()xx()r him in any game any where any time.

    And I know far more code (C, NQC, C++, HTML, CSS... command lines in Halo) than he does.

    Johnson here doesn't appreciate what I do for the clan including editing, organization, hardrive storage, video-capture equipment, displays, computer, website (yeah, I created the website and coded a part of this blogspace), production, exporting, and a lot of stuff that I can't think of right now.

    Eat it Noob.

    And for ya'll who want a picture of dipstick and a half: