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The Wahttehhog Organization

Sunday, July 31, 2005

I'm Back

That's right, after an excrutiatingly long absence from civilization, I'm finally back. I had an insane three weeks. I became an improperly documented working minor in the state of New Hampshire, debunked a religion, got food poisoning, and organized a Communist uprising against a Boy Scout Camp. I feel so venerable and n00bish. See, I've been totally cut off from the outside world and am currently three weeks behind the rest of society.

Friday, July 29, 2005

RE4 - Round 4 and Advent Rising

For all of my fans out there, Austin is finally aboard as a MODERATOR. The reason it took so long was a problem with my e-mail. However, it is taken care of and no one shall worry over it ever again (unless someone else needs to e-mail me). Now, onto my subject. Yes, it is true I have just recently toppled Saddler for the third time. (In other words, I have conquered Resident Evil 4 thrice.) I shall celebrate by telling you all of a game that you should check out. Heed my words, this is not the greatest game, by far, but provides some good times. The game I speak of happens to be Advent Rising. Maybe you've already checked it out. I have not gotten far, but the best thing so far is driving. The driving controls are similar to Halo. The positives are definitly the gameplay and driving. However, the biggest negative is the graphics. (I have no witty comparisons for them.) I gotta that say it's worth checkin' out, but you should rent it rather than buy it.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Retard Ryan... *sigh*

Google Video sucks a55, little twips thinking their all 1337 and 5hit... n00bZ.

Anyways, oh, and by the way, that's because you can't actually download movies you've uploaded to them, you have to watch the vid in "a special complimentary program" from Gagle themselves. Little twirptards. And the picture quality sucks the larger sizes plus it took me 6 damn days to upload a 1:13 min movie to them!!11!1w12

Now that that is out of my internal organs, Retard Ryan (the video, I am speaking of) is hilarious, as in funny as hell!!! I'll try to upload it to another hosting server somewhere else so you guys can go download it, but for now suck it up like a man and use Gagle's "complimentary program" to watch.

Retard Ryan (1:13 min)

-- Tip from Pete: Watch the movie fast-forwarded.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Maine again?

Goin to Maine again with my dad and his girlfriend wich ensures a nice long week in a place filled with a bunch of anul(uptight pricks) family members (my lip trembels when saying family) Kens parents and siblings now there family memberes Susans barely even a casual acaintance in my eyes. Forget about my dad making me believe shes family. Now on to interesting matters Austin battelfield 2 sounds realy cool but since my video can barely take hl2 i'll go out on a limb and say that my computer cant take it. Ryan sorry about commenting about anything. Its Kill Bill a tarentino flick I loved the movies both of them there are countless times I talked about the movie and said how great it was i'll remind you I did not tell you about the movie. I did not introduce the movie to you. Just told you on multiple occaitons it was a great movie and my mom coming from the drive thru said it was a great movie I wasnt bragging either just stating a fact. So once and for all lets just drop it K .the grand theft auto thing is also funny well not realy. I think just to prove to the politicians how hard it is to hack we sould lock them in a room and tell them they dont get any sustanance till they hack out the ao scene those fork tongue bastards will have died within 2 weeks. Ryan you were right there are only 6 episodes of flcl. Now let me see anything i'm forgeting besides what day it is You can just tell me in the comments ok.

sorry for the minor language there were other words I could have used but didn't.SeeYa

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Face Rockage & Total Seclusion

Greetings sentient life-forms. It is I, back from my long hiatus. I was in Maine for the last 5 days. The entire state has about six computers and the concept of "internets" is totally alien to them. Therefore I haven't been able to check the site. Bunch of barbarians those Mainers are. I saw Kill Bill while I was up there. That movie pwns your ass. It pwns mine. Kill Bill is teh m0st r0XX0r thing to come out of hollywood since Stanley Kubrick. See it, now, I command j00. Also, Initial D has been released as a live action movie. It is beating both Star Wars and that crap-ass Smith movie at the box office. Get yourself educated on it here:
Intial D movie

Also, after another filming session last Thursday episode 2 is fully on tape. I might start editting it tomorrow or Friday before I head off to camp for three weeks.