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Friday, April 07, 2006

Battlefield: What The Heck Is Going On Here?

The Battlefield series is now a sellout series. Battlefield 2 was amazing, and Modern Combat is also a great game. Modern Combat feels more like a movie than a war, but excels at it.

Now we have Battlefield 2142. Future and Battlefield put together sounds good, but is just a selling point. People who see it will buy it because it is Battlefield and in the future. But the originality of the games is being lost. Now I may be judging early. Maybe a new innovative play mechanic will be added. Maybe space battles will be included. But the outlook for me is grim. All people now playing BF2 will switch to this new one, making games in BF2 smaller. Hopefully, we don't hit the "Decline of Video Gaming" anytime soon. It really sounds like a license manuever rather than a chance to make a good game.


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